D3.3 Working prototype with algorithms and software embedded

This report introduces the first version of the smart inhaler prototype. This prototype is implemented as an adapter that can be used with almost all standard pressurized metered dose inhaler (pmdi) asthma inhaler sprays. Strong focus was given on rapidly implementing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be used for early tests with patients to generate feedback. To achieve this, the myAirCoach sensing system was divided into the inhaler adapter and the biomonitor device, as introduced in the previous deliverables D3.1 and D3.2. The smart inhaler adapter, as the primary objective to achieve such MVP, can self-determine its use by figuring out when and how the inhaler was used. In particular, it logs when it was shaken and whether the device has been hold in correct, upright position for actuation after shaking.
To leave the biomonitor device as secondary objective in development was clearly driven by economic reasons, as the biomonitor is much more subject to development and also basic research parts of the system. Due to the size, power needs and the prize of the biomonitor it might be of less interest when it comes to commercialisation. Therefore, this deliverable focusses on insights and development achievements of the smart inhaler adapter prototype.