The myAirCoach Ambition

MyAirCoach aims to revolutionise asthma treatment by focusing on patient empowerment engagement on the following points:

  • Introducing asthma monitoring and control in daily life
    MyAirCoach will assess real-time fluctuations in asthma symptoms coupled with medication use, to empower patients to promptly intervene through self-management advice to prevent exacerbations, asthma attacks or hospitalizations.
  • Personalising treatment and interaction with doctors
    MyAirCoach will integrate the latest technologies in a smart sensing infrastructure and clinical prediction models to provide personalised feedback to patients on how to manage their disease, without the need to have frequent face-to-face contact with healthcare professionals.
  • Increasing awareness through community exchange platforms
    Asthma poses a psychological burden and social barriers that myAirCoach aims to address. MyAirCoach community platform promises to stimulate the discussion between patients, their families and doctors to exchange experiences and knowledge. The dissemination strategy of the project results together with the community platform will raise social awareness about asthma.

MyAirCoach ambition is to be a personalised user-friendly, cost efficient and lightweight health self-management system that can give confidence to patients on how to manage their asthma to improve their day-to-day quality of life.

The impact and innovation of the framework mentioned above can be seen through the following innovation points:

  • Introduce a mobile and intelligent sensing environment that will automatically gather all necessary physiological, environmental and behavioural information, to conclude with personalised advice that will ultimately improve the patient’s health.
  • Develop a complete and novel sensing infrastructure based on a Body Area Network that will capture both physiological and environmental parameters.
  • Develop personalised patient models that will not only capture the current patient’s clinical record, but also include computational and statistical personalised lung function models. They will serve to predict patient’s clinical states based on daily measurements.
  • Develop a novel Personal Guidance System that will use intuitive schemes to present the information in a user-friendly manner. The system will be customizable providing different levels of details to both clinicians and patients.