What is the myAirCoach project?

myAirCoach is an EU funded project under Horizon 2020 (grant agreement No. 643607). The project started on the 1st of January 2015 and will last 3 years.

myAirCoach aims to develop an asthma monitoring system using personalised mHealth. One of the main goals of the project is to help patients manage their health through user-friendly tools that will increase their awareness of their clinical state as well as the adherence and effectiveness of medical treatment they follow. In this sense, myAirCoach will an ergonomic and compact sensor-based inhaler that will be connected with the patients’ smart devices. Through them, the central system of myAirCoach will analyse the data and propose tailored asthma plans.

The tool will be presented via an intuitive interface that will provide patients the possibility to customize their treatment against preset goals and guidelines, either by themselves or guided by a virtual healthcare professional.

myAirCoach sensors will monitor and store several physiological, behavioural and environmental factors that will be crossed with asthma data. Thanks to the latest analysis, processing and computational modelling techniques, myAirCoach will be able to present raw measurements, extracted features, indicators, and personal profile data, depending on the choice. All these data will be aggregated to give a picture of the patient’s condition and will ensure clinical state awareness and optimal treatment.

Healthcare professionals could use myAirCoach in the near future to supervise the condition of their patients and adjust the prescribed medication accordingly. In this context, myAirCoach will provide clinicians early indications of increasing symptoms or exacerbations, while helping understand the mechanisms underpinning the progression of asthma disease.

myAirCoach framework will be quantified in two test campaigns with clearly defined cohorts of patients in three different testing sites. The validation of these results will serve to increased confidence in myAirCoach and in technology support for health decisions and self-management systems in general.

The impact of myAirCoach is expected to set the basis for the widespread adoption of sensor-based self-management systems across the spectrum of respiratory diseases.