D4.1 Patient modelling and representation framework

The main objective of this deliverable is to provide a detailed definition of the myAirCoach Patient modelling and representation framework (in order to build a structured, realistic and machine readable representation of the patient models) by taking into consideration existing knowledge of the consortium partners on virtual user modelling (VERITAS  project and the VUMS cluster).
In this direction, the identification and detailed conceptual definition of the basic entities/concepts of interest for the myAirCoach patients model (e.g. disease, symptom, diagnosis, risk factor, sensor input, treatment, action plans, interventions, patient, etc.) creation is analyzed and being investigated for life-long interoperable electronic health records.
More specifically, we initially provide a comprehensive insight of the heterogeneous Electronic Health Record (EHR) requirements from various domains involving different target stakeholders.
After the comparison of the available representation frameworks and the identification of the most appropriate one, we present the entities/concepts of interest that are included in the myAirCoach patients model including: monitored parameters, clinical data, diagnosis results, risk factor, action plans, interventions, patient, etc., in order to meet the requirements already defined in WP2. Thereafter, we provide a detailed description of the processing steps that we followed in order to include these entities to the patient models, using the most appropriate representation framework for the myAirCoach project.