D7.5 Report on standardisation and concertation Activities

This deliverable D7.5 (first version) is the outcome of a living report (another one is planned for M36), which documents the planned and accomplished outreach and standardization activities of the myAirCoach project so far. The activities include both those carried out by individual partners and by the project as a whole.
More specifically the document reflects the activities carried out by the myAirCoach beneficiaries on the standardization and concertation actions as part of the WP7 and more specifically related to the task T7.4 “Standardization and concertation actions” (M24 and M36).
The current document is divided in two sections: the first one reports all concertation activities carried out during the project lifecycle, which includes the participation in relevant events and exhibitions, liaison with other projects and other concertation efforts, whereas the second part details the standardization actions that have been achieved and/or will be performed by the project in the upcoming period especially regarding the development of the clinical decision support system and the myAirCoach analysis, modelling and prediction actions. Inventorying the existing standards impacting the solutions developed in the myAirCoach the lack and/or the inadequacy of current available standards is identified. myAirCoach project works on present if possible relevant standardization groups with strong focus on mHealth regulatory and interoperability forums and key results will be submitted as contributions to the standards processes.