D7.1 Dissemination plan and MyAirCoach dissemination material (Second Year Update)

MyAirCoach Dissemination Plan describes all activities planned to be undertaken in myAirCoach in support of the dissemination gained throughout the first year of project activities, and in line with the Horizon 2020 open access policy.

Open access is defined as the practice that provides online-access to research outputs to all, with no license restrictions, so that outputs from publicly-funded research are publicly available to researchers, interested stakeholders and to the general public. The EU policy initiative on open access foresees two modes for open access to publications; a Green Open Access (immediate or delayed (‘embargo period’) open access, provided through the self-archiving by the researcher in a publicly available research repository), or Gold Open Access (immediate open access provided by a publisher) to peer-reviewed scientific publications, resulting from the project. Even though both options are still being explored within the consortium, an open access repository has already been established on the project website and the myAirCoach management platform.

So far, all activities undertaken in myAirCoach in support of dissemination, are made publicly available through the myAirCoach Project Website and can be read online, downloaded and printed. Additionally, a machine-readable electronic copy of a scientific publications produced in the project context will be made publicly available as soon as possible, by means of the abovementioned open access repository.

The myAirCoach Dissemination Plan provides guidelines for dissemination of information from activities within the scope of myAirCoach. This document will be considered as a living document while more versions are planned for the future.

Dissemination is a key aspect to ensure enhancement of knowledge among stakeholders and within the wider European community. The dissemination of myAirCoach concepts, approach and progresses covers the whole project span (2015-2017). The objectives for dissemination are to:

  • Raise awareness of myAirCoach with updated information on the evolution of the project and its findings,
  • Inform about myAirCoach and the potential of m-health solutions to tackle chronic disease,
  • Engage with myAirCoach audiences, especially with people living with asthma, to get input from end-users and improve the sustainability of myAirCoach solutions beyond the end of the project, 
  • Promote myAirCoach findings to encourage m-health use as support tools for disease self-management.

These multiannual objectives provide the framework for the production of three annual dissemination plans specifically reflecting yearly project activities. The present document is the first myAirCoach dissemination plan.

The dissemination plan was produced in February 2015 and updated in March 2016; it guided all activities aimed at promoting the project. Communication activities undertaken for an effective dissemination effort, are a journalistic description and press release to announce the project, the development of the project web presence (website, social media, wiki, blog) and graphical identity (logo and templates), the design and printing of a project brochure, the development of an infographic, the preparation and delivery of annual electronic newsletters, and of course the publication of scientific articles to conferences, journals, and workshop proceedings, etc. Furthermore, participation in relevant conferences, external events and workshops focusing on technologies relative to the project can be conceived as a direct dissemination of myAirCoach activities. All dissemination activities and material produced in 2015 and 2016 are described in detail in this document.