D8.1 Project Reference Manual and Quality Plan

This report constitutes the Deliverable “D8.1 - Project Reference Manual and Quality Plan” of the myAirCoach project (Grant Agreement No.: 6436071), and presents the management structure, the quality procedures, and the various operational tools of the Project.
The current deliverable is directly connected with "Task 8.1 Project Management" and "T8.2 Risk management and contingency planning" and through them it is expected to be utilised for the efficient management and quality assurance of all the work done under the myAirCoach project.
This deliverable has two main functions. Firstly, it is considered as the main source of reference for all consortium members covering many of the day-to-day activities and providing links to further information when required. Secondly, it is oriented to the standardization of the main processes of the project, such as, project reports, deliverables, file naming, etc. through the use of agreed procedures and templates.
The main body of this report summarizes the project facts, namely the project’s work breakdown, its inter-dependencies, and the project timetable regarding deliverables and milestones, along with the respective responsible partners. The planning progress is also described on a management level. Furthermore, the description of the Quality Plan is described as it covers the foreseen procedures for assessing the progress of the work within the project, along with corrective actions and contingency planning in case of deviations.
The current report should be considered as a living document as it will be updated regularly through the course of the project in order to address the dynamic needs and requirements for the seamless cooperation of the consortium towards the myAirCoach objectives.