MyAirCoach at the eHealth Week 2017

This year’s eHealth week took place between the 10th and  the 12th of  May in Malta, where more than 1,000 stakeholders gathered from four different continents. The event was an opportunity to present and share best practices in the area of the eHealth, and especially on the main theme of this year, the access to and the sharing of personal health data. Myaircoach participated to the eHealth Week for presenting last updates at the EU Project Pavillon. EFA Project Manager Giuseppe De Carlo presented the project on May 11th at the speakers corner and engaged in many face-to-face meeting to exploit opportunities for future collaborations with companies and other projects.

The main novelties presented referred to the current evolution of myAirCoach setting of wearables that will provide up-to-date physiological, environmental and behavioral measurements of the patients and of the medication intake. This setting is made of 3 devices: a) an adapter for standard asthma inhalers that monitors correct inhaler use, medication intake as well as time & location of inhaler actuation. This includes also an optical real-time guidance system that signals proper adherence to the dedicated medication intake manoeuvre to avoid over- or under-dosing; b) a sensing tool that monitor environmental factors that trigger asthma, such as particulate matter (PM) and air pollution with high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2); c) a wearable wristband monitoring activity levels and pulse.

All measurements and data will be made available through myAirCoach mobile application which includes also educational and training elements for a better understanding of the disease and a proper use of the inhaler. The app features also a personal guidance and support system through the avatar Airica that will give recommendation and will support the users in exploiting all functionalities of the system and in following their asthma action plan.

These important achievements in the project indicates its great potential and the positive feedback received at eHealth Week demonstrate the consortium is moving in the right direction and that myAirCoach is able to make a change in the self-management of asthma, resulting in patients’ improved quality of life.