D6.1 Assembly of the consultative patient forum

The present document constitutes the deliverable “D6.1. Assembly of the Consultative Patient Forum” and is connected to Task 6.1 Creation of the myAirCoach Consultative Patient Forum-CPF. This report details all procedures and actions that were undertaken in the context of the establishment of a “myAirCoach Consultative Patient Forum”. All activities have been implemented by EFA as the leader of Task 6.1, in collaboration with project partner Asthma UK.
The Consultative Patient Forum will ensure the provision of patient input throughout the whole project span, as the patient forum will serve to provide feedback on myAirCoach research activities and will contribute to the achievement of the WP’s objectives, from the patient perspective.
Actions put in place included the production of the Terms of Reference of the Patient Forum, the recruitment process and the kick-off meeting.