D7.2 Project web presence (website, wiki, blog, social media)

This document constitutes the Deliverable “D7.2 - Project Web Presence (Website, Wiki, Blog, Social Media)” of the myAirCoach project (Grant Agreement No.: 6436071), and presents the online dissemination channels of myAirCoach as they were created and developed through the first three months of the project
The myAirCoach Consortium has established a wide variety of communication channels (official web portal, social media, wiki page etc.) in order to disseminate project’s main objectives, achievements and events as well as to coordinate and facilitate the cooperation of the consortium. Finally, the delivery of a concrete and user-friendly web toolset along with the social media dissemination channels is expected to form the basis towards the involvement of the asthma community with myAirCoach project.
In this direction, and taking into consideration the high interest derived for the optimal management of the myAirCoach portal, the deliverable is organised in three main sections.
Initially, the description of the project’s website is demonstrated introducing its format and functionalities towards their frequent use by the members of the consortium and all the related stakeholders. The Knowledge portal (Wiki) of the myAirCoach project is described in the following sections with special focus on the functionalities offered for the facilitation of cooperation within the consortium and towards the goals of the project and the timely preparation of the deliverables. Finally all the social media channels used for the myAirCoach project are presented.