Objectives of the myAirCoach project

The myAirCoach project can be summarized through seven cornerstone objectives that will define not only the outcomes of the project but will also shape the its workplan and the scheduling of tasks:

  • Objective 1: Continuous, context-aware, multi-parametric monitoring of asthma related parameters, activity, lifestyle, and environment:
    Continuous physiological and clinical state monitoring of patients based on both physiological and environmental sensors will be achieved within myAirCoach. The aggregated physiological, behavioural, environmental, and treatment compliance indicators will be captured by different sensors integrated on the inhaler and a mobile device. Correlation of these parameters will clear the picture of the patient’s clinical and physiological status and help to determine whether the patient’s condition responds to the prescribed treatment procedure.
  • Objective 2: To Design and integrate miniaturised sensors into a novel small and lightweight inhaler prototype device
    The appropriate measuring infrastructure will be designed and developed so as to monitor physiological parameters and biomarkers of clinical significance. In order to address this challenge, the project will develop beyond state-of-the-art sensing device that will be integrated into a novel small and lightweight prototype device that will be easy to mount securely on most commonly inhaler. This device will connect to the wireless body area network and be able to communicate with a smart mobile device
  • Objective 3: To develop a personalised monitoring and guidance mHealth platform
    Implement a mHealth platform for the personalised monitoring and guidance of patients with asthma. Communication with the patients’ family and also supervision by the responsible doctor are two other fundamental components of the system. The platform will employ innovative analysis and modelling tools the outcomes of which will be accessible through intuitive graphical user interfaces. Optimal medical treatment approaches and concepts will be also used to inform and encourage the patients towards the avoidance of asthma triggers, healthier lifestyle and daily habits.
  • Objective 4: To develop patient-specific physiological and environment-aware computational model for asthma disease
    Development of a multi-scale patient-specific physiological and environment-aware computational model through correlation of physiological, environmental, lifestyle parameters, and biomarkers coupled with practical clinical experience, to help patients and their healthcare providers better understand and control their asthma symptoms. The patient models will be quantified through extensive clinical measurements performed in the very beginning of the project and will be able (1) to associate dynamically complex parameters and factors with the risk of developing asthma and (2) to assess the proximity of an individual’s behaviour to the goals set by a supervising health professional.
  • Objective 5: Test campaigns with beneficiaries
    Evaluation and quantification of the patient specific computational models will be made in test campaigns with patients. The aim of myAirCoach test campaigns will be twofold. In the first half of the project they will be performed so as to quantify and fine-tune the developed computational models and the clinical prediction and DSS framework. In the second half of the project, they will involve pilot execution in two highly challenging scenarios and will serve both model optimization and validation purposes.
  • Objective 6: Exploration of predictive value of new physiological markers that may enhance predictability of asthma
    Simulated continuous estimation of the patient’s clinical biomarkers will be based on the patient records, the computational models and the measurements that will be unobtrusively captured during everyday activities. This information will be processed and analyzed by a novel Clinical Prediction module as well as through the myAirCoach Decision support system that will be able to estimate the influence of specific treatments in the patient’s quality of life, proposing new metrics to analyze and also to evaluate methods for future medical treatment.
  • Objective 7: To validate myAirCoach project results in real-life scenarios
    Validation of the project results with the active involvement of patients with asthma in realistic application environments. The entire validation procedure will exploit (1) relevant clinical measurements and data that are already available in the clinical partners and (2) the experimentation that will take place in three different pilot sites under specific approval of Ethics Advisory Boards.