Free Asthma Health App Expanded to UK and Ireland

The Asthma Health project has been released alongside Apple’s ResearchKit and aims at the creation of an innovative mobile phone application designed to facilitate asthma patient education and self-monitoring. In a recent development the Asthma Health project has been announced to expand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, taking an important step towards the promotion of mHealth technologies worldwide.

MyAirCoach is aiming to differentiate from the AsthmaHealth solution based on the development of specialized sensing devices and the utilization of patient and lung modelling approaches for the understanding of asthma disease. Furthermore, our proposed personal guidance and educational framework will try to integrated a number of novel technologies and involve in the management of asthma an extended community of healthcare professionals, patients and families.

You can find more details about the Asthma Health at the official site of Apple’s ResearchKit (Link)
Furthermore the introduction of the application in the United Kingdom and Ireland is presented at the website of Lung Disease News (Link)