3M unveils innovative Inhaler Design

3M unveils innovative Inhaler Design

Answering the need for a solution to adress misuse and adherence issues of COPD inhalers, 3M Drug Delivery Systems has introduced the Intelligent Control Inhaler, an intuitive, fully-integrated device that delivers accurate doses to patients, whilst providing on-screen instructions for use and feedback to the patient and health care provider via an app.

The 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler provides a number of unique features that offer opportunities to improve outcomes by reducing patient variability and errors, and providing data on use to health care providers and payers:


  • Controlled inspiration: a combination of breath actuation with innovative technology to control inspiratory flow rate significantly reduces errors in technique, and results in a much higher level of consistency of drug delivery between breaths and between patients.
  • Integrated patient instructions: the inhaler’s patient-proof design gives patients confidence to use the inhaler correctly and helps eliminate critical errors in use, as well as minimizing the resources dedicated to training patients in correct inhalation technique.
  • Fully integrated device: the dose is registered when the patient correctly inhales medication rather than on actuation of the device, delivering greater accuracy of information for the patient, and cost-savings for health care providers who can avoid unnecessary switches and treatment escalation.
  • Capture of inspiration data: the inhaler utilizes a data management platform to record not only device usage, but also inspiration profiles to help monitor disease progression, further supporting informed treatment decisions.


The device will be developed in partnership with a pharmaceutical company, and is expected to be in wide use by the end of the decade.

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