The MobileHCI2016 Workshop

The wave of digital health is continuously growing and promises to transform the experience of patients, redefining their role as empowered actors of the healthcare processes rather than passive receivers of medical help. Chronic diseases are in the center of these developments as they require the continuous and active involvement of not only healthcare professionals but also patients, both of who can be benefited by specialized mobile applications and the aggregated data of modern miniaturized and wearable sensors.

The current workshop invites researchers from the fields of Information Technologies and Medical Sciences as well as healthcare professionals and technology developers to demonstrate and discuss innovative approaches related to the utilization of mobile Human Computer Interaction approaches in the modern healthcare environment.

In detail the current workshop is aiming to cover issues of patient empowerment and self-management of chronic diseases through the bridging of technical, clinical and commercial sectors:

  • Methods, techniques and technologies for the support of healthcare in the modern environment 
  • Software and hardware development for privacy preservation and protection of medical data.
  • Utilization of visual analytics approaches for the presentation and analysis of multimodal and multisensorial large amounts of data.
  • Personalization of user interfaces for increased user engagement and application usability.
  • Innovative clinical decision support mechanisms for the support of patient self-management approaches.
  • Patient education approaches on the basis of modern mobile Human Computer Interfaces such as Virtual Reality and Gamification.
  • Socio-technological aspects of the use of mobile technologies in the healthcare environment

Call for Papers [pdf version] [txt version]



Chronic Diseases: Global Status and Roadmap [Link to Infographic]

Mobile Health as a framework for targeting chronic diseases [Link to Presentation]