The University of Manchester (UNIMAN)

UMAN is now the largest single campus university in the UK with a research spend in excess of £375M per annum (2006/7 figures), and a distinguished history in research, innovation and enterprise stretching back over 180 years, with 25 Nobel Laureates among current and former staff and students. UMAN attracted more than £277m in external research funding in 2009/10,is in the top three universities for grant funding from the UK research councils, and rated third in the UK in terms of “research power”.

The Respiratory and Allergy Research group of the University’s Institute of Inflammation and Repair is hosted by University Hospital South Manchester. The research group has an established track record of biomedical science, experimental medicine and clinical trials in airways diseases such as asthma and COPD. Research infrastructure is centred on the NIHR Respiratory and Allergy Clinical Research Facility, equipped for complex physiological clinical studies. University Hospital of South Manchester (UHSM) is an NHS Foundation Trust serving 350,000 local population and 6.3 million in the North West, in a disadvantaged area, with a high burden of lung disease. The regional severe asthma service at the hospital has almost 1000 patients under follow up, with ~100 new referrals per annum.