Reinventing asthma inhalers for the digital age

For people with asthma, their inhaler plays a central role in managing the condition. These simple drug delivery devices have been used for decades to deliver medication to the lungs. Regular treatment with inhaled controller medication helps to keep asthma under control and, for some patients, ‘rescue’ or relief medication can limit the impact of an exacerbation (or ‘asthma attack’).

The inhaler remains state-of-the art in drug delivery for asthma sufferers and will continue to be a companion for patients around the world. However, in the decades since it was first designed, we are now seeing important advances in technology: sensors allowing physiological and environmental information to be collected quickly, and digital communication facilitates real-time connectivity between devices, patients and clinics.

For more details please visit the website of the MedTech Europe Initiative and read the very interesting article