MyAirCoach Meeting in Athens

MyAirCoach is in a crucial stage and all partners are intensifying their efforts to deliver the innovative mHealth tool that will improve the quality of life of people with asthma. To update on all evolutions and plan the next steps, the consortium has met in Athens on June 6th and 7th.

While data collection campaigns are still ongoing in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the study for the assessment of the entire myAirCoach system is expected to begin next September. Intermediary results of the quantification campaign were analyzed for developing approaches for predicting asthma attacks or exacerbations. In particular, the consortium is looking into long term prediction of exacerbations as a great innovation, provided that good prediction results can be calculated.

The myAirCoach online platform was presented with new alternative visualizations of the health data; data will also be available to patients through the myAirCoach Virtual Community, which was improved with additional functionalities. The work on the sensor devices, such as the “smart inhaler” and the “biomonitoring”, is also at a good stage and final details are currently under investigations, for example the power consumption and the wireless communication system.

Now that the project is almost complete, it’s time to look at a broad promotion of the myAirCoach product: EFA will coordinate the efforts on communication and will focus on the participation to the most relevant congresses and events in Europe, will produce promotional material and will organize a final public event. Similarly, exploitation opportunities have been explored and will be further discussed in next meetings which will take place in Stockholm at the end of September.



Article originally published in EFA newsletter (Link)