D7.6 Data Management Plan (Second Year Update)

The current deliverable is directly connected with the work performed under the Task 7.4 “Standardization and concertation actions” and serves as the initial plan for the collection, organization, storing and sharing of the knowledge and data created within the project. The described data management plan is based on several inputs, namely: a) the MyAirCoach Description of Action (DOA) document, b) guidelines of the European Commission for the data management of H2020 research projects, c) the outcomes of the plenary project meetings and d) the input from several informal discussions among the project consortium members.
The data management requirements and standardization guidelines specified in this document are expected to form a reference manual to be used throughout the project. In this way, MyAirCoach is aiming to develop a stable, reliable and easy to use platform which will form an open repository for asthma research and extend beyond the framework of the current project’s timeline.
Finally, it is important to underline that the current deliverable will be a living document which will be continuously adapted depending on the needs of the project research and development objectives, and based on the direct input from members of the consortium and actual system users. This document is the second updated version of the document adapted and extended to the needs and requirements raised in the second year of the MyAirCoach project.