D7.4 IPR Protection Plan

This document constitutes the Deliverable “D7.4 - IPR Management plan” of the myAirCoach project (Grant Agreement No.: 6436071), and presents the preliminary version of myAirCoach management of Intellectual Property (IP) measures and methodologies for ensuring adequate exploitation of project results which is planned for M24. The final version of this deliverable will be included in the Exploitation report and myAirCoach business plan deliverable which is planned for M36.
While myAircoach IPR methodology and plans are strongly dependent on the project-specific outcomes (for instance, the software and data produced within the project work packages), this document will be updated continuously to reflect the progress in the myAircoach project.
Within this context, IPR activities will aim at ensuring that all project results are formulated and compiled into a protectable form, and all the activities required to protect the knowledge generated are duly taken into account before exploitation activities are undertaken. The innovation developed inside the Consortium will be protected following the rules described in the Consortium Agreement.
In this direction, and taking into consideration the high interest derived for the optimal management of the myAirCoach IPR issues, the deliverable is organised in four main sections.
Initially, an introduction to the IPR management plan is presented in section 1 while in section 2, the description of the H2020 intellectual property rights is presented introducing its terminology and the related rules towards their use by the members of aN H2020 consortium. The IPR Strategy and Management in the MyAircoach project is described in the following section 3 with special focus on the MyAirCoach consortium Agreement, the appropriate decision making procedures and management structures offered for the facilitation of cooperation within the consortium and towards the goals of the project and the relevant access rights to foreground and background knowledge. Finally an analysis of partners' IPR policies for the myAirCoach project is presented.