D2.2. Dietary and nutritional guidelines formalized

The myAirCoach project aims to create a holistic mHealth tool for people with asthma. A healthy diet is crucial for health and well-being and therefore dietary monitoring and interventions should be considered for inclusion in the myAirCoach system. This deliverable comprises: • A review of the literature regarding relevant links between diet and general health, as well as asthma • Identification of any specific dietary recommendations that exist for people with asthma • Assessment of available data collection tools • Production of a dietary data collection and analysis protocol for the myAirCoach quantification campaign (D2.3) • Recommendations on how such information should be incorporated into the myAirCoach system

This report is a living document and provides an overview of the current literature regarding nutritional guidelines. We highlight several national and international guidelines, which should be considered during the design of the myAirCoach system. We also provide examples of good practice regarding the effective communication of nutritional guidelines. The literature regarding dietary advice for individuals with asthma does not support the need for specific asthma dietary guidelines. However, evidence for certain dietary practices exist, such as: general increase in fruit and vegetable consumption, allergy avoidance and healthy weight management. Finally, the review of dietary data collection techniques highlighted the use of the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network (GA2LEN) food frequency questionnaire as the most suitable for use in the myAirCoach quantification campaign.