D2.1 Test campaign methodology

The aim of this task was to define the myAirCoach test campaign strategy, in order to develop a system that assists patients in recognising worsening of symptoms and function and to timely adjust behaviour or treatment. Two test campaigns will be organized: first, a quantification campaign running from Sept-Oct 2015, aimed at the parameterization/instantiation of the WP4 computational models and to evaluate the usability and acceptability of potentially relevant self-monitoring procedures, including sensor devices; and second, an evaluation campaign at a later stage (Jan 2017), aimed at the evaluation and validation of the final myAirCoach DSS and coaching framework.
This report is a living document and provides an overview of the sensor devices and measurement procedures that will potentially be included in the first quantification campaign. The current selection of methodologies is based on careful selection of potentially interesting parameters with respect to asthma self-management and technologies that are available within and outside the myAirCoach consortium. In addition, in this document we will present the design and planning of the both test campaigns. This need to balance the scientific wish list of data on the one hand and the feasibility of measurements by patients and costs on the other. The final choices on the methodology of the first quantification campaign will be made in the first week of July 2015. Based on these a detailed research protocol will be established and submitted for approval to UK and Dutch Medical Ethics Committees. The definitive methodology of the second quantification campaign will be established in 2016, since this will be partly based on the experience and results of the first campaign and the results of other workpackages.