D1.4 MyAirCoach technical specifications and end-to-end architecture (Final Version)

The current deliverable derives from the work performed under the Task 1.4 and is the second updated version of D1.3 “MyAirCoach technical specifications and end-to-end architecture”. Therefore, and following the structure of D1.3 the first part of the current document lists the technical specifications of the MyAirCoach system, as they are outlined on the basis of the user requirements and use cases identified in the first year of the project (D1.2), the User Centered Design meetings with the Advisory Patients Forum (D1.2 and D6.1) as well as all the implementations performed during the second year of the project. In the next part of the current deliverable the second and final version of the MyAirCoach system’s architecture is presented and separated into fundamental modules and components that cover the above described requirements and offer all the intended functionalities of the overall MyAirCoach system. After the presentation of the updated versions of the conceptual and the detailed functional description of the MyAirCoach components, details are given on the basis of the informational, development and deployment viewpoints of the architecture. In this way, the current document forms the basis not only for the continuation of development tasks but also the actual technical evaluation of the final system in real life use from patient during the evaluation campaigns.

It should be underlined that in the current version of the MyAirCoach architecture does not include the detailed description of module interfaces as they are included in the second version of the “MyAirCoach mHealth Integrated Version” (Deliverable 5.4) which has been created and extended in the second year of the project and in parallel with the current document.