D1.3 MyAirCoach technical specifications and end-to-end architecture (First Version)

The current deliverable (first version) derives from the work performed under the Task 1.4 “Architecture and System Specifications” and constitutes the technical blueprint of the MyAirCoach project. Firstly, the system functional and functional requirements are outlined on the basis of the user requirements as they are already defined in the Deliverable 1.2 “User Requirements, Use Cases, UCD Methodology and Final Protocols of evaluation studies”. As the next step, the first version of the MyAircoach system’s architecture is presented and separated into fundamental modules and components that cover the above described requirements and offer all the intended functionalities of the overall MyAirCoach system and tools. Finally, and after the detailed description of each system component, a concise description of the modules’ interfaces is presented in order to support the efficient and timely integration of components and serve as a reference manual for all development tasks of the project.
It should be underlined that this is the first version of the system’s architecture which will continue to evolve in the second year of the project, and will be described in its final version by the Deliverable 1.4 “MyAirCoach Technical Specifications and End-To-End Architecture (Final Version)” and in accordance to the project’s description of work.