D1.2 User requirements, use cases, UCD methodology and final protocols of evaluation studies

The current deliverable is directly connected with the work performed under the Tasks T1.2 “User Requirements, clinical procedures and MyAirCoach use cases” and T1.3 “MyAirCoach User Centred Design methodology” and serves as a detailed summary of their outcomes towards the project objectives.
The requirements and outcome specified here are based on several inputs: a) the MyAirCoach Description of Work (DoW) document, b) the current advances in the state-of-the art in the research and technology fields described by the MyAirCoach project within the T1.1 “Analysis of current practices” (deliverable D1.1), c) the outcome from the plenary project meetings, d) the input from several informal discussions among the project consortium, and finally e) the opinions and expectations of MyAirCoach end users through focus groups sessions and surveys.

  • The main goals of this deliverable are:
  • The specification of the outcomes expected by the project;
  • The identification of target user groups;
  • The detailed specification of the user requirements ;
  • The definition of the MyAirCoach reference Use Cases and scenarios;
  • The definition of the User Centred Design Methodology ;
  • The definition of the evaluation protocols for the evaluation studies;
  • The incorporation of market research in the projects methodology

Therefore this deliverable focuses on the MyAirCoach system components and outlines the related requirements and specifications needed to optimally address the proposed functionalities of the final product and to establish strong and valuable connections with the actual needs of the targeted user groups.